$20.00 Thursday Blow Out Special with selected Stylist.

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Tryst Beauty Thursday Special With Selected Stylist.

The Blow Out, the evolution of when (and how) we shampoo doesn't stop there. When it's finally time to throw in the towel, many women are not only lathering up less often, they're also not lifting a finger. The rising popularity of style-only salons that get you in—and out—in 40 minutes for as little as $20.00 has transformed the blowout, once an hour-plus service reserved for special occasions, into an affordable luxury. "It's an instant confidence boost; women strut out of the salon. Nothing makes me feel more like a lady, just as dry shampoo is a throwback re-imagined, so is the return to the salon. "The blowout trend is going to be, if it isn't already, like the manicure and pedicure," "It's a no-brainer." Ask for Chantal, Jessica or Lewis. 

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