Louis Narcisi

Hello, my name is Louis, please allow me to introduce myself. Although and however I am new to Tryst
Beauty, I am not a newcomer to the hair industry. Starting back in 1993, I graduated from Pivot Point
International in Schaumburg, Illinois. Immediately following graduation, I worked at the Mario Tricoci
Salon in Oakbrook. During this time, there were no such thing as a ten thousand square foot salon with a
full Day Spa. Assisting over fifty stylists, including colorists with an entire staff of one hundred and thirty
people. Also as a personal assistant of Tom Bells, who was the partner and main artistic director of the
company at that time.
One of my most fantastic memories was working make overs on the Jenny Jones show. Being young and
recognized on television was quite a thing back then as a younger man. Also, being given the
opportunity to be an artistic director. Which jobs included organizing smaller mall based salons and
transitioning them to a larger spa atmosphere. Jobs which included managing and training assistants to
give a client the best salon and spa experience possible. My training and Sassoon background goes back
to my beginning of working with a vast array of different stylists with a multitude of backgrounds within
the beauty industry. With notable mention to spending time and training at the Santa Monica Sassoon
academy. From my time at Mario’s, to my time at Heidi’s salon in the Woodfield mall. Which spanned a
ten-year period. After this I had ventured on and off to a few salons where I gained much experience.
From the very simplest of salons to some of the higher echelon salons. Which includes a letter of
recommendation from the Trio Salon in Evanston.
My passion for this industry are an equal. As a worker in the industry I offer a very grounded, no attitude
approach. Which means that there is no job in salon I ever feel I am too good for. This grounded
approach has allowed me to develop and provide you with a salon experience that is on another level.
Without judgement and true faith that will enlighten your deepest senses and provide you not only with
great hair, but something deeper spiritually as well. Showing each client that we are totally grateful and
appreciative for their business. Never taking you for granted and always expressing our gratitude for
your business. For this reason, many jobs in the salon and any job in the salon I will oversee and do with
a smile to always make sure you are getting the very best service we as a team at Tryste could provide. A
very special massaging shampoo that I have developed over the years, along with an extensive training
background in cutting will assure you are not only leave you looking great, but relaxed, confident and
truly satisfied with your service. We look forward to seeing you and thank you for stopping by …