Curly Wavy Hair
Curly Wavy Hair
Curly Wavy Hair
Curly Wavy Hair

Curly Wavy Hair

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The Problem

I have Curly / Wavy Hair, my curls / waves are dull, lifeless and lazy the ends of my hair are damaged and split.

The Solution

STEP 1. Night Soak with Glossing Balm
At night soak Glossing Balm throughout your mid-lengths and ends. Allow to rest overnight. Shampoo out following morning.

STEP 2. Cleanse with Natural Calm Shampoo
In the morning, cleanse with Natural Calm Shampoo, apply to wet hair, gently massage and rinse thoroughly. Natural Calm Shampoo helps your hair maintain moisture and shine, keeps your hair vibrant and easy to manage.

STEP 3. Express Treatment Conditioner
Squeeze out excess moisture and apply Express Treatment Conditioner to hair that has been cleansed. Spread evenly and massage into hair. Leave for a few minutes, emulsify and rinse thoroughly. This intensive treatment penetrates deeply to repair and nourish damaged chemically treated or hard to manage hair.

STYLING. Styling Cream

Apply a small amount of Styling Cream on damp towel, dry hair, massage into roots and mid-lengths ends. Comb through out and style out as desired. A versatile cream to create straight smooth styles or to achieve defined curls and waves.

STEP 4. Glossing Balm
Use Glossing Balm on already styled hair. Press 2 pumps into palms, rub together, glide throughout your hairstyle to create a smooth glossy finish. It moisturizes and strengthens your hair. It also creates a natural glossy polished look. Excellent for blow drying and smoothing out hair or removing static when finishing.


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Glossing Balm
Natural Calm Shampoo
Express Treatment Styling Cream  

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