Healthy Curly Hair Treatment
Healthy Curly Hair Treatment
Healthy Curly Hair Treatment

Healthy Curly Hair Treatment

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The Problem

For those of us who have curly hair at times we can experience frustration, joy and versatility. Curly Hair can be fragile and weak, frizzy and difficult to tame. Humidity activates the curls in our hair and sometimes frizz. Your product that can create beautiful natural curls or tame the frizz in your hair mainly needs two components: moisture and oil. Moisture to activate your curl and Oil to tame your frizz. Use Natomy products specially formulated to function as a curl activator and or curl tamer.

The Solution

STEP 1.Natural Calm Shampoo
Apply Natural Calm Shampoo to wet hair, gently massage and rinse thoroughly. The shampoo is deeply replenished with Jojoba Oil, emollients, and vitamins. Keeps your hair rich, easy to manage and helps your hair maintain moisture and shine.


STEP 2. Express Treatment Conditioner
Apply Express Treatment Conditioner to hair that has been cleansed. Spread evenly and massage into hair. Leave for a few 3 minutes, emulsify and rinse thoroughly. This intensive treatment penetrates deeply to repair and nourish damaged chemically treated or hard to manage hair.


STEP 3. Styling Cream
Apply a small amount of Styling Cream on damp towel, dry hair, massage into roots and mid-lengths ends. Comb through out and style out as desired. A versatile cream to create straight smooth styles or to achieve defined curls and waves.


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Styling Cream

Natural Calm Shampoo

Express Treatment Conditioner



If nothing seems to settle down your naturally curly and rebellious hair, you may be using wrong products. Here at Natomy, we have created a range of curly hair treatments to help perfect your curls, keeping them moisturized, frizz-free and well-defined for longer lasting style that is all you and all natural! Explore our patented range of natural curly hair products and place your order today!